Career Structure Profiling (CSP)



Career Structure Profiling (CSP)

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More About CSP

CSP is developed as an algorithm-based analytical software designed to be a tool for professional growth. It enables individuals and professionals in human talent development or manpower resource management fields to make better decisions in relation to career progression by broadening understanding of personality-driven characteristics; how that shapes behavior at work, and subsequently how that could affect an individual’s overall work performance.

Unlike conventional personality or behavioral assessment tools that tell you what you already know about yourself, the Career Structure Report emphasises on your career options: how you could maximise your career opportunities. It refers to your personality and work behavior, and compares the type of jobs, functions and industries that best fits with your personality profile.

Why CSP?

The Career Structure Profiling tools helps individuals better analyze their work-life potentials and capabilities in a structured pathed methodology for future progress in career advancements.  

Understand Inherent Capabilities
Know your personality strengths, rooted personal abilities and core competencies that can spur career successes 

Identify Untapped Potentials
Reach your best potentials in areas outside your common and comfort zones to find new growth prospects

See Opportunity Gaps
Realise true potentials by optimising favourable elements based on unique  personality types and transform roadblocks into positive circumstances 

Implement Action Paths
Achieve new success heights by putting the career progression pathways into real actions by initiating changes to the way you work and how you respond to career growth- trigger moments

CSP Features

Career Profiling Report
A comprehensive and structured analysis of where you are in your career, where you should be and how you can get there based on your personality-based characteristics 

Career Consultancy
Gain meaningful professional consult to review your current work situations  and face-to-face advisory sessions to map out how your career can undergo a transformative effort 

Career Action Plans
Chart actionable plans to change how you take charge of your career, be selective in optimising the right opportunities and taking on rewarding challenges 

Career Reflection & Review Insights
Reflect on how your personality characteristics have previously influenced your behavior at work and how you function or respond to happenings in professional environments. With the review, be prepared to grab new chances to demonstrate your in-depth capabilities and kickstart a refreshed career journey.

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